The COMBINATION MELTOWER furnace has the capability to melt prealloyed ingots and foundry returns and additional continuous melting and blending with machining chips.

COMBINATION MELTOWER process will provide clean quality molten metal on demand from casting cells and with the correct temperature uniformity and alloy composition at all times.

Factors considered and Justificaction:

  • Improvements in metal quality and productivity.
  • Additional melting capacity.
  • Opportunities to reduce fixes operating costs.
  • In - House recycling of machining chips.
  • Rapid return on the invesmet.
  • Impact on foundry environmet.
  • Compact layout High metal recovery.
  • Low specific energy consumption.
  • Continuous melting in molten metal.
  • Instantaneous Entrainment.
  • Molten metal temperature uniformity.
  • Flux less melting.


Continuous aluminium Ingots and chips pretreated melted with the following main componets:

  1. Skip elevator for Ingots, returns and rejected parts on baskets.
  2. Basket charging on tower section.
  3. Collected hood for waste gases.
  4. Preheated Ingots tower chamber.
  5. Tower melting chamber.
  6. Holding Chamber.
  7. Chips sink vortex chamber.
  8. Aluswirler pumping system.
  9. Chips dryer rotary kiln.
Combination MELTOWER Furnace
Standard ModelMax. Melting Rate (kg/hr)Molten metal Capacity
Total Melt CombinedTower kg/hrChips kg/hr
CMT- 1- 4000 1000 750 250 4 Mton
CMT- 2 - 8000 2000 1250 750 8 Mton
CMT- 3 - 12000 3000 2000 kg 1000 12 Mton uses cookies. By continuing browsing the site, you accept the use of cookies. For more information about cookies and how to use them, see our privacy policy.