In-Line Process Industrial Furnace

In Aluminium Foundries and more in gravity a low pressure die casting Plants, requirements on Melting and Treatment of molten metal are often:

  • High Meltal Quality
  • Save Energy
  • High Productivity
  • Enviromental installation
  • Safety for operators

The solution presented by INSERTEC is the IN-LINE Aluminium Melting and treatment auomated system.

Based in furnaces for melting and metakl treatment for the most exigent quality requirements, including one settlement heated chamber for metal treatment with:

  • In Line rotor degassing system
  • Reheating by sumerged tubes
  • Metal filtration
  • Open well for dosing


  • High productivity
  • Better metal quality
  • Lower processing costs
  • Less manpower required
  • Safer and more friendly enviroment

The technology is made possible with a constant level control throughout all stages and chamber of the furnaces, from melting up to treatment and metal dosing.

Comparison Table
EquipmentUnitAutomatic SystemTraditional System
Melting- Fuel Consumption % 40 100
Metal level accurancy mm ±5 - -
Dosing Temp. accuracy ºC ± 3 ± 15
Productivity % 200 100
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