MELHOLDER® Holding Industrial Furnace

MELHOLDER Furnace is based on the proven Meltower technology and the development of Tower type aluminium melting furnaces.

The MELHOLDER model is designed for lower production capacities but with the flesibility to melt a range of alloys and for positioning alongside the die casting machine.


  • Continuous melting with the molten alloy available on demand at the correct temperature and composition.
  • Alloy flexibility Independent of Central bulk Melting process.
  • Low production rate compared with other site equipment.
  • High Thermal efficency.
  • Low oxidation Losses.
  • Ease of maintenance with clear unobstructed acess to the melting and Holding chambers.
  • Independent control of melting and holding.
  • Automatic molten metal level sensor.
  • Automatic Skip Elevator.

InLine Process

Specially applied for gravity and low pressure die casting, including molten metal treatment:

  • Purifying system can be fitted for degassing, filtering removing non metallic inclusions and reheating with immersion submerges tubes.
  • Other Open-Well type configurations are available for ladling sizes.
  • Alternative fuels such as Ligth oil, LPG or natural gas can be Used.
  • Al-Mg alloys can be melted.
  • Alternatives up to 5 ton/hr rates

Esquema Melholder

ModelsMelting RateHolding Capacity
MH - 200 200 kg/hr 750 kg
MH - 350 350 kg/hr 1000 kg
MH - 500 500 kg/hr 1600 kg
MHD - 1000 1000 kg/hr 2500 kg
MHD - 2000 2000 kg/hr 4000 kg
MHD - 3000 3000 kg/hr 6000 kg uses cookies. By continuing browsing the site, you accept the use of cookies. For more information about cookies and how to use them, see our privacy policy.