MELTOWER® Quick Melting Industrial Furnace

MELTOWER® Melting Furnace designed for ingots and in house foundry returns, used as central bulk melting furnaces where a continous production of liquid aluminium is required.


  • Excellent thermal efficiency.
  • High metal recovery.
  • Clear and unobstructured access to chambers, for maintenance and ease of cleaning and inspection.
  • Independent temperature regulation for the melting and holding chambers.
  • Automatic bath level monitoring.
  • Material charge level detection by photocell sensor.
  • Automatic skip elevator charging system.
  • Lip axis pour.

MELTOWER® Furnace is distinguished from other designs available in the market in:

  • Its holding chamber of circular section.
  • Excellent mechanical rigidity with independent frame support.
  • Durability of refractory lining, easy access for cleaning and minimun space..

Dibujo Torre Fusora Meltower

MELTOWER® Tilting Furnace
ModelsMelting RateHolding Capacity
MT - 500 500 kg/hr 1000 kg
MT - 1000 1000 kg/hr 1600 kg
MT - 1500 1500 kg/hr 2400 kg
MT - 2000 2000 kg/hr 3500 kg
MT - 2500 2500 kg/hr 4000 kg
MT- 3000 3000 kg/hr 5000 kg uses cookies. By continuing browsing the site, you accept the use of cookies. For more information about cookies and how to use them, see our privacy policy.