Tilting Reverberatory Furnace for melting and holding

Tilting Reverberatory Furnace, type FRLB, for melting and holding of aluminium, with capacities from 15 to 100 Mton.

The furnace is designed to customers requirements on melting/holding capacity and the application.

The furnace is in general a rectangular design and with one main large lifting door providing clear and unosbstructed access to the heating chamber for material charging alloying and drossing etc.

The furnace is hydraulically tilted with two hydraulic cylinders positioned on opposite sides of the furnaces. The Main door is also hydraulically operated.

The burners are positioned opposite to both the pouring spout and the exhaust gas duct. The incresases the residence time and optimises path for the hot gases inside the heating chamber.

Burners size is according to furnace purpouse (melting, holding or alloying), and are controlled aotomatically according to bath and roof temperatures.

Monolithic refractory hearth and wall construction are lined with castables processing non wetting propierties.

Flat roof fabricated from steel sections for added stregth and the composite refractory lining is chosen for its thermal propierties and durability.

Dry precast door frame material with the high mechanical strength resistance to temperature fluctuations and abrasion.

Charging well and Poring spout axis can be lined with the tilting axis. This innovate design allows the charging well and pouring spout rotate about tilting axis, and so designed for simultaneous and continuous receiving and pouring of the molten metal on demand.

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