Aluswirler® Chips Melting Process

ALUSWIRLER® process for continuous aluminium pretreated scrap and chips melting. Application on UBC, Profiles, Litho, fragmented, Chips...

Consist in sink submersion on molten metal while a mechanical metal pump, electrically driven, is stirring.

When the impeller and shaft set in the pump housing is roated, a strong vortex of molten metal is generate.

When material is feeding into vortex, light aluminium are rapidly submerged in molten metal and melted instantaneously.

Features of ALUSWIRLER :

  • High metal recovery.
  • Low specific energy comsumption.
  • Continous melting in molten metal.
  • Applied sink vortex technology.
  • Low residence time.
  • Indirect Heating.
  • Molten metal temperature uniformity.
  • Not salts required.

Scrap & Chips Pretreatment:

Effective melting require material pretreatment including:

  1. Crusher or Rotary shredder, to obtain uniform sizes.
  2. Centrifugal Separator, to minimize lubricants and water content.
  3. Magnetic or Eddy current separator, to eliminate the ferrous non ferrous or heavy parts.
  4. Charger, buffer and related belt and screw conveyors, between the different components, with variable adjusted speed.
  5. Rotary Dryer or Decoater, for oil coolants or water lubricants evaporation, supplying hot material ready to be melted.

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