RMAE Ladle Holding Furnace

RMAE Furnaces are chamber - holding furnaces, reverberatory type, without crucible, for holding molten aluminium at required temperature and location close to the die-casting machine, heated by electrical resistances and with very low energy consumption.


  • Excellent enery efficency, by a good selection of refractory materials and chamber design.
  • Draining spout for empty the furnaces for cleaning, change of alloybor emergencies.
  • Heated cover pneumatically or hydraulically actuated.
  • Special precast refractory plate between central chamber and dipping well, with excellent heat transfer.
  • Installed power, for superheating or remelting molten aluminium in the event of a power failure.
  • Accurate temperature control of molten metal, with an immersed thermocouple.
  • Air over temperature control in heating chamber.
  • Continuous charging and dosing.
  • Orientation according to the requirements of the Customer Plant layout.
  • Optionally the furnace can incorporate plate filtration between the heating chamber and the dosing well.
  • Compact desing, with small footprint.
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