Furnaces for Aluminium Recycling

INSERTEC, desing and manufacture a wide a range of Furnaces and Refractories for Aluminium Recycling sector, on turn - key basis.

Aluminium Reycling

  • Scraps, Baled, Profiles
  • UBC, Chips, Turnnings...
  • White & Black Dross

Ancilliary Equipments

  • Chips Drier & Delaquer System
  • Ingots Casting Machines
  • Ladle Pots for molten metal transport
  • Charging & Skimming machines
  • Pre-Treatment system for scrap
  • Oxy/Gas & Regenerative combustion system
  • Stirring system with mechanical or electromagnetic pumps
  • SCADA Monitoring Systems

Industrial Sector

  • Secondary Recycling
  • In - House Foundry Recycling

Type of Furnaces and Process

Hiraro Furnace Aluswirler Furnace Reverberatory Furnace Drying & Decoating Rotary Furnace

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