HIRARO® Furnace for Aluminium Recycling

HIRARO® Furnaces are the most advanced melting & alloying reverberatory melting facilities for aluminium recycling, compared to the conventional Stationary and Round Top-load Melt Furnace.

They count wuth an open sidewell chamber and the ALUSWIRLER mechanical pump and stirring system, which:

  • Creates a sink-vortex of hot molten aluminium for melting ligth scraps.
  • Creates a flow of molten metal through the open well for melting heavy scraps.
  • Stirrs all the molten metal bath, improving the alloying effects, metal homogenity and temperature uniformity.

According to Customer requests and process needs they can be equipped with:

  • Stationary or Tilting designs.
  • Convestional, Regenerative or Oxy/Fuel burners.
  • Dry-hearths for sows or ingot bundles melting.
  • Wide range of holding capacities and combined melting rates.

Cargador vibrante

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