T4 heat treatment furnace

INSERTEC manufactures and supplies Continous Installations for Aluminium T4 Heat Treatment, specially aimed at industrial sectors, such as:

  • Automotive parts.
  • Railway.
  • Electric and energy.
  • Marine.

T4 Installation Description

Designed for batch operation this Furnace incorporates a charge loading system and combined with horizontally sliding gate.

This device is positioned and the base of the Furnace for loading and unloading operations.

The charge basket support and quenching tank are mounted on a transfer bogie.

This Furnace is fully automated to ensure consistancy of the components.

Transfer Bogie

This steel structure suitably reinforced by steel memberes and designed to support the loadings imposed by the charge and baskets and quench tank. This transfer bogie is electromechanically driven via a geared motor.

Main Technical Features

  • Furnace type : Drop - Bottom chamber
  • Maximun working temperature: 600ºC
  • Temperature uniformity : +-3ºC
  • Heating system: Electrical resistances.
  • Electric power regulation: Phase angle tyristor.

T4 Tratamiento Termico Hornos

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