T6 heat treatment furnace

INSERTEC manufactures and supplies Continous Installations for Aluminium T6 Heat Treatment, specially aimed at industrial sectors, such as:

  • Automotive parts.
  • Railway.
  • Electric and energy.
  • Marine.

Installations consists of:

  • Loading Table.
  • Solution Furnace.
  • Quenching Tank (water, etc)
  • Aging Furnace.
  • Unloading Table.
  • Transfer Car (Optional).
  • Baskets return systems (Optional).
  • Cooling Chamber.


  • Heat treatments of aluminium die-casting process.

Additional Options

  • Lineal or "U" type arrangement on site provided with transfer car located between both furnaces.
  • Automatic basket positioning systems.
  • Automatic load feeding devices.
  • Foundry sand collecting hoppers for being recovered.
  • Direct gas fired heating system by means of burners or electrical heating systems by means of resistances.
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