Industrial Transfer Furnace for Heat Treatment

INSERTEC manufactures and supplies Transfer Furnaces gas - tight designed with built - in oil quench tank for bach heat treatment under controlled atmosphere (synthetic, exogas or endogas) Such as:

  • Hardening.
  • Tempering and Annealing.
  • Carburising.
  • Carbonitriding.
  • Other Industrial applications.


  • TTIG Series, are gas fired Furnaces.
  • TTIE Series, are electrically heated Furnaces.


  • High queality of heat treatment processes as working under uniform controlled atmosphere composition.
  • High thermal efficency.
  • Customised installations and capable of being fully integrated into existing production lines on site.
  • Low environmental impact due to use atmosphere and minimun noise level.
  • Maximun production capacity complying with high safety standards.
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