Industrial Vacuum Furnace for Heat Treatment

INSERTEC manufactures and supplies Vacuum Furnaces for bach heat treatment, specially aimed at industrial sectors which usually require highly valueadded products, being combined with our professional Technical Assistance on site.

Vacuum Furnaces can be mainly divided into the following series:

  • TVCT Series For Hardening and other heat treatments over 800ºC.
  • TVCR Series for Tempering and other Heat Treatments up to 800ºC.

Advantages of Convective Heat Transfer:

  • Shortening of heat treatment cycle time.
  • Possibility of accomplishing tempering at low temperature.
  • Isothermal simulation.
  • Higher cooling velocity.
  • Optimal heat transfer efficiency during heating and quenching processes, due to a well thougth out design of furnace hot zone. uses cookies. By continuing browsing the site, you accept the use of cookies. For more information about cookies and how to use them, see our privacy policy.