Precast shapes for Frits Melting Furnaces

INSERTEC has been specialized in the manufacturing in all the precast shapes for the frit fusion furnaces.

Precast Shapes types

  • Burnner blocks
  • Feeding blocks
  • Exit spout

Any kind of size and morfology for the wall pieces, for the baseboard, for the chimney pieces, etc.

It requires a special mention the precast shapes por the "throat" or the exit spout, with big advantajes aaints traditional electrofused blocks in:

  • Higher thermal shock resistance
  • Lower cost
  • Lower delivery time

INSERTEC has for the precast shapes manufacturing, specifics intallatons with the required equipment and highly strict quality controls, to ensure exceptionel uniformity in all the customer order.

In addition, it is at customer disposal, the knowledge and the advises of our Thecnical Office, for the design and the developments or modifications are made in order to optimize the life of teh precast shape.

In addition to the self manufactured precast shapes INSERTEC offers:Bricks for furnace lining INSETAL 70.
Technical Data Sheet - INSETAL 70
ProductChemical CompositionCharacteristics
Al2O3ZrO2Density kg/dm3Porosity
INSETAL 70 70% 2% 3,1 a 3,25 4,3 a 5% uses cookies. By continuing browsing the site, you accept the use of cookies. For more information about cookies and how to use them, see our privacy policy.