SANKEN INSERTEC EUROPE, S.A. (SIE), is the joint venture between Insertec and Sanken Sangyo Co. Ltd (SANKEN).

The company was established in 2002 and has the headquarters in Bilbao, north of Spain.

INSERTEC is a Spanish industrial furnaces and refractory manufacturer as well as current licensee of SANKEN for Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

SANKEN is a Japanese world-renowned manufacturer of thermal equipment, including aluminium melting and heat-treating furnaces.

The company has been founded to reinforce the aluminium melting and heat treatment furnace business going forward in Europe, with representatives in the majority of Western and Eastern countries, and supplies equipments based on the advanced Japanese technology and expertise, manufactured and serviced in Europe.

The main industrial sectors for SIE activity are the Aluminium Casthouses, Aluminium Foundries, Wheels manufacturers, and Secondary Recyclers.

The range of products of SIE includes the Aluminium and Heat Treatment Furnaces designed by INSERTEC and SANKEN, such as:

  • Meltower® melting and holding furnaces for Foundries.
  • Low consumption electrically heated Holding furnaces type RMAE or IMAE.
  • Combination Meltower® Furnaces, for melting ingots, returns and chips in the same furnace.
  • Reverberatory Melting and Holding furnaces.
  • IDEX® drying and decoating installations for aluminium chips and UBC.
  • ECO-KILN® compact installations for chips drying.
  • ALUSWIRLER® sink vortex systems for aluminium light scraps melting by mechanical pump and ceramic impeller.
  • HIRARO® Reverb Melting furnace with side open well.
  • Complete lines for Aluminium Chips or Scraps processing and melting.
  • Batch or continuous Heat Treatment Installations.
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