AVS - Automatic Vibration System for coreless induction furnace

Vibration is one of the most important points in the lining of coreless induction furnaces: the material has to be well compacted for maximum performance. Therefore, we have been working on an efficient, fast and reproducible vibration solution: AVS.

AVS is an automatic vibration system for coreless induction furnace up to 35 tons. It enables homogeneous and reproducible vibration and limits the risk of operator error.

AVS: advantages of our solution
Homogeneity. Once the time and measurement data have been entered, the system controls the appropriate vibration for the equipment.
Versatility. The system guarantees absolute reproducibility by being able to store the data and reuse it for subsequent installations. It also allows the data entered to be modified according to the type of furnace and the measurements of the ferrule.
Wi-Fi connection. By means of a wifi connection, the process can be managed from a device external to the PLC and a data report of the operation can be downloaded.
Certification. Equipment certified under European standards.

AVS: features of our solution
→ Shockproof PVC case
→ PLC with 7" display powered at 380v and connected by cable to the hoist
→ 380v electric hoist with a capacity of up to 200kg
→ Specially created metal bracket to avoid the use of the overhead crane to support the vibrator

With AVS, we are stepping into a new era where people and technology walk hand in hand. Creating safer workplaces, improving plant conditions and optimising processes is now a reality.

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