BAUXAL II: 4th monitoring visit

On 27 April last, the 4th monitoring visit of LIFE BAUXAL II took place at the BEFESA-Valladolid facilities.

The scope and degree of execution of the project and the next actions were reviewed, as well as the supporting documentation of the expenses incurred during the last year. Afterwards, we saw the refining prototype in operation. The consortium partners and Estibaliz Gabilondo, representative of the NEEMO LIFE team, were present.

Why are projects like BAUXAL II so important?
Every day, more and more companies, large and small, are starting to work to limit their impact on the environment. Change is underway: it's a good thing. But for it to arrive in time, we need to join forces, pool knowledge and experience to move forward.

This is how we see the collaborative projects at Insertec.

Of all the eco-responsible initiatives to which we contribute our grain of sand, BAUXAL II has a special character because it focuses on the basis of any industry: the raw material.

Seeing the refining prototype in operation is not only a step towards transforming a secondary aluminium oxide into an alternative raw material of bauxites, but also towards a more environmentally friendly industry.