BAUXAL II NEWS: A step towards an alternative raw material to refractory bauxite

As anticipated in previous publications, the validation phase of the new BAUXAL products began in early 2023 in a battery of industrial tests on real equipment coatings. The objective throughout this year and early next year is to test and homologate the new formulations based on BAUXAL aggregate in a wide range of applications and in different industries and sectors against the usual refractory products used in these applications.
The first industrial test was launched in January 2023 in a tilting reverberator at the Befesa Bilbao plant.

During the summer shutdown, it was possible to inspect in depth the state of the lining after more than 8 months in operation, being able to compare the evolution of the standard standard materials with that of the new materials developed within the scope of the project.

We are pleased to say that after this time in operation, no substantial differences have been detected in the behaviour of the materials, which establishes a positive preliminary point in the validation of the new technology.

The next planned inspection will take place during the Christmas shutdown 2023-2024 and we will keep you informed about the progress of the test!