BAUXAL II: validation phase of the new products

In 2023, the validation phase of the new BAUXAL products begins in a battery of industrial tests on real equipment coatings. The objective is to test and homologate the new formulations based on BAUXAL aggregate in a wide range of applications and in different industries and sectors against the usual refractory products used in these applications.

The first industrial test was launched during the Christmas 2022-2023 shutdown. Befesa Bilbao has lent its No. 4 melting reverberatory furnace to test the performance of several of the materials developed to work in contact with aluminium, in superstructure and as a safety layer.

The installation, drying and start-up work was carried out between 26 December and 5 January. The progress of the test will be monitored on a regular basis over the coming months.

Many thanks for their effort and support to all the people involved in the definition, realisation and commissioning of this vital industrial test to validate the work done in the previous stages of the project!

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