The circular economy is a model of production and consumption.
It involves reducing waste to a minimum. When a product reaches the end of its life, its materials are kept within the economy whenever possible. They can be used productively again and again, thus creating additional value.

Guiding this 4R paradigm (Reduce-Reuse-Reinvent-Recycle) by adding one more R, 5R being this fifth Reeducate in the steel and refractory sector we embarked on 2 projects with the help of European funds within the LIFE programme with leading companies in several related sectors.

LIFE 5Refract: For many years, because of the abundance and low cost of virgin raw materials, as well as the absence or minimal costs of waste disposal, little attention has been paid to the tasks of recycling refractories. However, in recent years, the difficulty of disposing of high quality raw materials due to increasing global shortages and high prices has led most of the refractory industry to pay attention to the recycling of used refractories.

The objective of this project is to recover refractory material of steel origin in order to use it as raw material for the manufacture of new linings for furnaces in different sectors.

Main objective: To transform a secondary aluminium oxide of recycled origin into an alternative raw material to refractory bauxite.
Bauxite is an indispensable element for the manufacture of most of the
refractory materials.