Energy trends that will shape the industry in the coming months (infographic)

Decarbonisation, rising costs, electric vehicle boom, green hydrogen, circular economy: 5 energy trends that will shape the industry in the coming months (infographic)

The European Green Deal sets the goal of achieving a zero net greenhouse gas emissions economy by 2050. Many industries have already embarked on the path towards decarbonisation, not only to comply with legal regulations, but also because they see what energy efficiency can bring in terms of development and profitability.

2.-Rising energy costs
Geopolitical and meteorological situation, increased demand…: although it is difficult to have a clear view of what will happen in the coming months, it is quite likely that industry will have to face further increases in energy costs. Renewable energy sources could be part of the solution, but only if progress is made in storage and hybridisation technologies.

3.-Electric vehicle boom
Electric vehicles already account for 10% of sales in most European markets. This paradigm shift not only has implications for the automotive industry, but also for the aluminium industry (increased demand) and the energy industry (increased installation of solar panels at home to charge the vehicle and reduce household energy costs).

4.-Betting for green hydrogen
Green hydrogen is key to the decarbonisation process. To support its development, different public and/or private initiatives have come to light in recent months, positioning Spain as a potential European leader. The heavy transport and high temperature heat process industries should be the first to replace fossil fuels with green hydrogen.

5.-Circular economy as a business opportunity
The current raw material crisis has triggered a new awareness in industry: the circular economy and the reuse of what has so far been considered waste cannot be missing from their roadmap. For many companies, what started out as a challenge has become a major market opportunity.

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