FAST ON 90: Test on a 1,2 ton steel ladle

At the end of October, we lined a 1,2 ton steel ladle with FAST ON 90: we will keep you informed about the results of this test.

FAST ON 90, fast drying and high refractoriness
Characteristics: NO CEMENT (N.C.C.) Refractory castable based on alumina
Maximum working temperature: 1.750 ºC.
Density: 3.000 - 3.100 kg/m3
Application: Lining for high demanding foundry ladles, cover of coreless induction furnaces, domes of furnaces working in high temperatures….
Main advantages: easy to mix, higher refractoriness (absence of aluminous cement), lower thermal conductivity, easier and quicker to dry (cement-free binder system)…