Hydrogen: Insertec participates in H-ACERO

It is estimated that 9% of total CO2 emissions into the atmosphere come from the iron and steel sectors. In this context, decarbonization in the steel industry represents a great challenge that starts from the need to invest in innovative technologies, which in turn means carrying out a technological transformation that allows reaching zero emissions by 2050.

On the other hand, the development of green hydrogen, a fuel produced from clean energy sources is already a reality. This technology is considered key to achieving sustainable decarbonisation, so at European level it has already become a strategic investment.

The use of hydrogen as an alternative energy source at various points in the steel production process can play a key role in the challenge of decarbonising industry. Turning this potential into reality is precisely the aim of H-ACERO, a project developed by 10 complementary companies from the Basque Country capable of responding to the entire value chain of the steel and hydrogen sector.

H-ACERO covers four areas of action: advanced equipment, fuel source (H2), production process and consumables. It is precisely in this fourth aspect that Insertec is going to intervene with the development and use of new advanced refractory materials that allow the use of hydrogen in the steel field.

As a final phase, the objective is to build prototype demonstrators on a reduced scale (1/5 to 1/10) to validate the different designs developed throughout the project.

H-ACERO, a powerful industrial project with socio-economic implications
H-ACERO is a powerful industrial development project, but with a strong socio-economic component. In addition to being complementary at a technical level, our consortium of companies shares the objective of advancing industry at the service of the citizen. That is why,

Increase skilled employment in strategic sectors, strengthen the Basque business fabric with its own R&D and without relocating production and make the Basque Country a reference territory in Europe for the development of new industrial and technological initiatives in specific areas of energy, contributing to the generation of wealth, employment and quality of life are part of our objectives.

The overall budget of the H-ACERO project amounts to € 8,856,545.54 with a duration of 3 years. Financed by the Basque Government, within the framework of the HAZITEK aid program to support the realization of Industrial Research Projects and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the project has the participation of 4 agents of the RVCTI, CEIT, SIDENOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, TECNALIA and TUBACEX INNOVATION promoting the use of the scientific-technological capacities of the Basque Country.