Improve the efficiency of an industrial plant in real time

In a globalised environment marked by the Covid crisis, efficiency and continuous improvement are key factors for the competitiveness of companies. The digital transformation is the tool to achieve this. It allows real-time management of industrial plants, which reinforces their performance, improves their productivity and, as a consequence, their profit and loss account.

This digitalisation makes real time management possible and this management reinforces performance:
Control of the production process. An efficient production process requires correct planning of resources (human, equipment, material). It is essential to have complete visibility of the needs in real time in order to be able to redistribute the resources.
Quality control. Quality management allows the identification and predictive resolution of all potential failures: limiting them, as well as avoiding downtime in the supply chain, guarantees maintaining customer satisfaction at a level of excellence.
Detection of faults and anomalies. It is closely linked to quality control. The more premature it is, the faster the intervention and the limited the downtime and its impact on production.
Stock management. Real-time stock management has an impact on the general management of the company: minimised risks of human error, automated supply, limited inter-departmental consultations… It improves the performance of companies and subsidiaries: it makes them more efficient.
Decision making. All the above-mentioned parameters could be summarised in just one: decision making in real time. This is the key to efficiency. It is also the one with the fastest return on investment: cost reduction is real from the very first moment. However, it is not an easy task: it involves handling a huge amount of raw data. Collecting it is relatively easy: processing and interpreting it is not so easy.

The solution? One tool that is also able to collect all this information, to make it understandable and to use it to help us make good decisions in each moment.

Lau Intelligent System
Developed in collaboration with Xabet, Lau Intelligent System is our digital solution focused on improving companies' competitiveness through advanced data analysis.
It is not another management software : Lau Intelligent System is born from our knowledge and is configured based on the real characteristics of your production process. It is not a tool: it is a digital asset.

For more information about our digital solution, please visit the following page:
Lau Intelligent System

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