INSERTEC's 40th anniversary

INSERTEC turns 40 this February. It was a day 2 of 1980 where the vision of Julio Astigarraga Urquiza was embodied in the constitution of INSERTEC, acronym for INGENIERÍA y SERVICIOS TÉCNICOS SA. In this adventure he was always accompanied by Miguel Astigarraga Urquiza, Miguel Urruticoechea Urquiza and José Luis Agirre Ormaza.

At the beginning of its activity INSERTEC was oriented to the optimization of processes and energy savings in existing industrial furnaces. Progressively and driven by the customers themselves, they began working on the two columns of what is now our home: furnace manufacturing (FURNACES) and refractory materials (REFRACTORIES).

During this time INSERTEC has been forging a network of subsidiaries in Mexico, Italy, Brazil, China, Russia, India and France. This fact makes us a multicultural company that provides values ​​and visions necessary to continue seeing the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

An express thanks to everyone who has made it possible for us to write these lines today.

Eskerrik asko !!!!