We can say that we are in a new revolution and the automotive industry is at the head of these changes:

  •  Substitution of steel by aluminium.
  • Megafusion or Gigacasting (new manufacturing of parts).
  • New alloys - secondary base alloys
  • Digitalisation with automation and energy efficiency

Automotive, especially with electric vehicles, is still the most important driver of the aluminium (lightweighting) industry. Aluminium will not only replace steel, but also other automotive materials.

At the same time, recycled aluminium is becoming increasingly important as a raw material for the automotive industry to reach its carbon emission targets.

Mega- or gigafusion is a new way of making many parts from one part to overcome the problems of production, joining, surface pre-treatment, etc. posed by traditional casting and assembly processes. It can also replace many rolled or extruded parts.

New die casting technologies also require new alloys, especially secondary base alloys.

Digitisation is a very common application area in the die casting industry. And it is already of "vital importance" for companies to be competitive.