Precast shape 12 ton for reverberatory melting furnace

INSERTEC has again manufactured and installed a large prefabricated part (12 tonnes) in SIFCA technology to act as a partition wall between the main chamber and the charging shaft of a melting reverberatory furnace.

This technology has provided a solution to the problem of premature wear due to erosion and breakage of the wall, which significantly affected the energy efficiency of the furnace and resulted in the need for repairs and replacements in a short space of time.

The properties of the SIFCA help to maintain the geometry and dimensions of the diaphragm for a long time in operation, withstanding the impact of the load and the thermal shock between the main chamber and the charge shaft.

SIFCA precast shapes, propierties:
Impact resistence
Resistance to thermal shock
Resistance to compression
Resistance to abrasion and erosion
Personalized design