R&D&I: Secondary metallurgy assisted by plasma heating technologies

Technologies related to "secondary metallurgy" continue to evolve, with novel alternatives being identified, the industrial implementation of which is still very limited.

INSERTEC has identified plasma-assisted heating technology as an important alternative to face the current limitations and which will allow us to offer the market robust, reliable and tenacious components, so that their useful life is reinforced and they comply with the technical requirements demanded.

NextSteel is a project for the development of "premium" steel components, more sustainable and with advanced properties, for the large mining industry, led by Piezas y Rodajes, S.A. (PYRSA), with the collaboration of INSERTEC and the AZTERLAN Metallurgical Research Centre and the National Metallurgical Research Centre - CENIM, in which fusion technologies such as plasma are used.

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Development of a new generation of steel components for the large-scale mining sector (AZTERLAN)