SUCCESS APPLICATIONS in the Cement Industry

There are numerous successful applications and problems that can be solved in PRECAST SHAPE throughout the clinker manufacturing process. From the preheating of the raw materials in the cyclone tower area to the cooling process of the clinker.

One of the solutions in prefabricated parts for areas that due to their high demand are historically critical for the cement producer throughout its manufacturing process:
This area of the furnace is one of the areas that suffers the most in terms of temperature and abrasion, as well as thermal shock.
In some kilns, up to 2 million tons of clinker per year pass through this area.

This lining has a different coefficient of expansion than the plate that
protects, so normally this refractory finishes cracking, and
later on with the entry of gases, detaching, leaving the plate
discovered and therefore these end up oxidising.

replaces both the casting plates and the refractory lining with a
single piece prefabricated in SIFCA, with the these ,problems are eliminated, as well as others inherent in the protection ofthe plates with concrete as is the subsequent drying. the plates with concrete as is the subsequent drying.

The customer no need to make any modifications to the former, and the plates are screwed in the same way as with the metal ones, being able to perform
the entire ring in one working day, and preventing the subsequent curing of the castable.