During the months of July & August 2021 we have conducted several repairs from minor to mayor ones in many industries. This is the pick season for installation and onsite repairs.

This is a hard season as the all the jobs must be conducted in a short time and with a precise management:

  • Getting the orders!!! Without them, no jobs in summer
  • Definition of the scope
  • Refractory Engineering of the job
  • Raw Material purchasing for the materials to be produced
  • Manufacturing of the products
  • Logistics to site of all materials, both made in Etxerre/Txako plant and/or purchased to third companies like insulation bricks, boards, anchorage, etc.
  • Management of the skill team to install the materials & definition of supervisors. In some cases, 7/24 is a very demanded position to do all the job in time.
  • Arrangement of a tight calendar with team & customer & logistics
  • Preparation of the required equipment: mixer, pumps, vibrators, etc.
  • Filing all the procedure for each company to enter into the sites: documents, safety cards, etc.
  • Definition of sintering curves for each project.
  • Administration & management job for all those items

All these jobs are weekly monitored starting end of May and is finished by beginning of September

We have been working at:

  • In Iron & Steel foundries & Steelworks: 
  • Channel Furnaces
  • Press pour furnaces
  • Coreless induction furnaces
  • Transfer ladles
  • Back up ladles
  • Aluminium
  • Complete reverberatory furnaces
  • Repairs in different parts
  • Tower melting furnaces
  • Top charge bottom & wall lining
  • Ladles
  • Tilting rotary furnaces
  • Runners