Valorisation of composite waste: Insertec and GAIKER work together on two projects

Insertec and GAIKER are working together on HORUS and REFIBRIO, two projects framed within the recovery of composite waste. The aim of both initiatives is to develop an innovative technology for the continuous recycling of carbon fibre and glass fibre composite waste.

Our collaboration with GAIKER stems from the participation of the Basque technology institute in the European Cradle-to-Cradle Composites (C2CC) project, which aims to produce components based on recyclable polymer composites for the automotive industry.

The challenge of recovering composite waste
It is estimated that Europe generates around 300,000 tonnes of composite waste every year, mainly from the automotive and transport sectors, wind energy, electrical-electronics, etc. Limiting their environmental impact, both in their production phases and at the end of their useful life, is one of the major challenges we have to face.

One of the ways exploited by GAIKER to achieve this is to develop new composites that allow reprocessing, repair and recycling, without increasing the economic cost.

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