At the end of January, a day was dedicated to review and monitor the LIFE BAUXAL II project at the BEFESA ALUMINIO facilities, more specifically at its Valladolid plant. With the participation of technicians from INSERTEC and BEFESA, the most significant advances of the project to date were analyzed and the guidelines and next steps to be taken during the next months were established.

In this phase, the construction of the prototype plant (whose progress could be seen in situ during the day) for the treatment and refining of the PAVAL, through which some 650 tons of REFINAL will be obtained, will be completed. As established in the project schedule, the first tons of this material will be available from the last fortnight of May 2020.

At this point, the most exciting stage will begin for INSERTEC, whose objective will be to transform the REFINAL into BAUXAL, an alternative raw material to the 100% recycled BAUXITE.

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