Willkommen ALUMINIUM 2022, willkommen Metaverse

"Metaverse" is a word that is starting to become part of our vocabulary. We all have a more or less precise idea of what it refers to: total, interconnected immersion in a virtual environment with which we can interact thanks to technological support.

It is still at a very embryonic stage, but it harbours enormous potential and is expected to develop in the medium term thanks to the drive of technological giants such as Facebook, a company that now even takes the name "Meta" in a declaration of intent.

The Metaverse will have a huge impact on the entertainment world of tomorrow, but we are also beginning to see possible applications in sectors such as medicine, education and, of course, industry.

Entering a foundry, stepping into a furnace and being able to inspect its interior may sound futuristic, but that is precisely the experience we are proposing to you during ALUMINIUM 2022.

In recent months, we have been working on the development of a digital ecosystem. Like technology, we advance step by step, but we have already reached our first milestone with the virtual replica of a working plant.

Why are we betting on the Metaverse? Many will say it is a matter of fashion. However, we strongly believe in its multiple applications. We have multiple ideas that will change the way our customers think, whether they are family foundries or large corporate groups. All transforming the way training, engineering or remote assembly is done.

As the technology unveils its full potential, we will establish the concrete way in which to apply it to a sector as historic and capable of evolving as ours.

The journey begins at ALUMINIUM 2022 and looks set to be a fascinating one: Will you join us?