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Enabling progress

"From the beginning,
the progress has been the engine of Insertec"

Insertec was founded in 1980 with the idea of improving certain industrial processes. Always with a vision of the future and adapting to the demands of the industrial heat sector, we design and manufacture equipment and refractory materials.

This synergy is our hallmark of identity and quality. A perfect fusion and one of the keys to our success.

Evolving, giving the metallurgical industry a comprehensive, committed and sustainable response.

Our activity is essential in industries as diverse as renewable energies, transport and the automotive industry, which have such an impact on today's progress and social well-being. Enabling progress


\ Our value

\ Integral production process

We create value for our customers through our experience and know-how.

Our expertise in engineering solutions for the industrial heat sector helps us produce refractories that last longer, perform better and have a lower carbon footprint. Our in-depth knowledge of refractories helps us to design more efficient, sustainable, intelligent, safe and autonomous plants.

At Insertec we control all facets of the production of our solutions thanks to an integrated production process. From the extraction of the raw materials for refractories in our own mine, to the assembly and commissioning of the equipment at the client's facilities.

We work in partnership with foundries: we accompany them, help them to identify areas for improvement in their facilities and optimise them by providing concrete solutions to specific equipment and lining problems.

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\ Insertec Group

Today a powerful international industrial group.

Founded in 1980, Insertec is today a powerful international industrial group. From our headquarters in Bizkaia (Spain), we coordinate the engineering and development projects of our subsidiaries in 8 countries and numerous delegations.

We have an excellent team of more than 400 professionals.

In addition to our headquarters and delegations, we have our own plants and infrastructures such as: mine in Guadalajara (Spain), from which we extract the ore for our refractories, or first class chemical laboratory to carry out tests for our projects.

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\ Preparing the future

At Insertec, we are committed to providing a sustainable and responsible response to the impact of our activity on the planet.

The development of the circular economy is one of the pillars of our development plan. For this reason, our R&D&I team carries out research projects on the production of regeneration refractories, as well as on energy efficiency solutions for our equipment, which can provide a sustainable response to future needs or socially responsible companies.

Digitalisation and robotisation is another key to meeting our objectives. We firmly believe that their implementation will not lead to job destruction, but will participate in improving the working conditions of plant operators. For this reason, we collaborate with technology partners in the development of innovative solutions such as Lau Intelligent System or IFI Robotic Process.


"We will continue, innovating and building. Because our commitment is to provide innovative solutions in the industrial heat sector, now and in the future."

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