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Our knowledge of furnace engineering and manufacturing helps us produce better refractories, and our deep knowledge of refractories helps us design better furnaces.

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With extensive experience in the sector and supported by different means of design and simulation, Insertec's technical departments are prepared to offer a wide range of engineering services aimed at defining and implementing the best lining solution for its clients' furnaces and installations.

Mejora rendimiento

Improvement of coatings performance \

  • The objective of this type of project is to obtain the best cost / performance ratio analyzing the operational parameters of the installation, the main mechanisms of failure of the coating, and the requirements and needs of the client.
  • The capacity of the different Insertec laboratories to develop "customized" products and of the different design, engineering and realization departments to implement and install them in a large number of formats (on site, prefabricated, etc.) guarantees being able to give a totally solution adjusted in cost, quality, and time (of delivery, installation and life) to each client and team.

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