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Iron foundry

Our experience in the iron sector is backed by more than 40 years collaborating and providing solutions to both national and international iron foundries.

One of the most important aspects is our integrated production process. Insertec has the capacity to control all aspects of the manufacture of its products, from the extraction of raw materials in our mine to the installation of the refractory itself, thus guaranteeing quality, safety and distribution.

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    Regular cement castable
    Main component: tabular alumina
    Max. Service Temp.: 1800 ºC
    Density: 2900 kg/m³


    Foundries choose the vibrator system because of:

    • Enviromentally friendly, less dusting.
    • Safe and economic installation.
    • Optimum packing density.
    • Consistent installation.
    • Long lining life.
    • Time saving.

    Complete setup including the automatic lifting device:

    • Smallest Version - Furnaces of 1-5 tons. Type RTG K
    • Middle Version - Furnaces of 6-15 tons. Type RTG M
    • Biggest Version - Furnaces of 16-50 tons. TypeRTG G

    Available in 2 or 3 armed versions.

    For furnaces from 0.5 - 80 tonnes.

    Bottom plates can be adapted one plate to fit more furnaces.


    Dry vibratable mass
    Main component: quartzite
    Max. Service Temp.: 1550 ºC
    Density: 2040 kg/m³



    NO CEMENT (N.C.C.) Refractory castable based on alumina. Due its special bonding system without refractory cement, it presents special properties that allow a fast setting time. Besides, this bonding system allows a much faster drying schedule that in the case of cement bonded systems. Due to the absence of cement in the composition, the product shows a exceptionel refractoriness. The bonding system has excellent nonwetting properties against molten metal.


    Lining for high demanding foundry ladles. Cover of Coreless Induction Furnaces. Manufacturing of precast shapes working in hard conditions. Domes of furnaces working in high temeperatures. Due to its properties it is the perfect product when a fast turn on of the installation is required.


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