Greater control of temperature and chemical composition, energy efficiency...: coreless induction furnace or HIC have been replacing cupola furnaces in most iron foundries.

When subjected to a rapid rise in temperature, the lining must respond perfectly to thermal shocks and protect the coils from the liquid bath: Insertec's refractory products for HIC furnaces of iron foundry meet these two objectives.

Coreless Induction Furnace \

Coreless Induction Furnace
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Own mine \

Insertec has its own mine in Naharros, Spain, where a highquality quartzite is extracted that is used for the production of its CUARSIL product range.

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Furnace top zone improvements (Top-Sil) \

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  1. Mechanical
    • Larger sintering layer.
    • Resistance to impacts and erosion.
  2. Solution to the expansion between working layer and the top layer
    • Same raw material in all refractories.
    • No joints between layers.
  3. Critical point
    • A solution for the joint between working layer and spout.
    • Continuous patching
    • This material prevents continuous patching
    • Thermal shock
    • Specifically designed to resist the thermal shock.


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