The rotary furnace is versatile equipment capable of processing a wide range of materials. It is characterised by its customisation in terms of design.

The refractory products developed by Insertec respond to these two problems, but they are also capable of resisting the critical wear in rotary systems caused by the mechanical, thermal and chemical conditions to which they are exposed. In addition, their composition contributes to shortening the melting time of iron.

Rotary Furnace \

Rotary Furnace
Horno rotativo en fundición de hierro Horno rotativo en fundición de hierro

Insertec designs, manufactures and inspects the placement of their materials guaranteeing maximum quality in all its processes.

The concretes offer the following advantages:

  • Easy and quick to install.
  • No danger when removing the mold.
  • Long-lasting lining.


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