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Steel foundry

We work in collaboration with steel foundries.

Our refractory products are developed and evolve according to their objectives, progress and needs thanks to the work of a highly qualified team and the external support of technological partners.

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    Foundries choose the vibrator system because of:

    • Enviromentally friendly, less dusting.
    • Safe and economic installation.
    • Optimum packing density.
    • Consistent installation.
    • Long lining life.
    • Time saving.

    Complete setup including the automatic lifting device:

    • Smallest Version - Furnaces of 1-5 tons. Type RTG K
    • Middle Version - Furnaces of 6-15 tons. Type RTG M
    • Biggest Version - Furnaces of 16-50 tons. TypeRTG G

    Available in 2 or 3 armed versions.

    For furnaces from 0.5 - 80 tonnes.

    Bottom plates can be adapted one plate to fit more furnaces.


    Dry mix
    Main component: corundum
    Max. Service Temp.: 1800 ºC
    Density: 2800 - 3100 kg/m³


    Trowellable mass
    Main component: tabular alumina
    Max. Service Temp.: 1800 ºC
    Density: 2800 kg/m³


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