The pouring system elements of steel foundries are very sensitive to incrustations and obstructions caused by the passage of molten material in the area of the inlet elbow.

Insertec has taken this problem into account when developing different ranges of refractory products for this equipment. Among them, BERELOC, self-flowing castable, is distinguished by its low porosity and its great capacity against slag and metal attack.

Pouring system elements \

Pouring system elements

Installation \

  1. Low water addition.
  2. Extra high fuidity.
  3. Very friendly for installers.
  4. Exactitud en el añadido de agua.

Insertec has developed a new range of self-flowing castable. BERELOC:

  • Low-porosity.
  • Minimize the attack of slag and metal.

Performance \

  1. Very high mechanical resistance.
  2. Enhance corrosion resistance.


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