Precast shapes \

HIC tapón empujador HIC anillo HIC piquera Losetas prefabricadas EROCRETE

Precast shapes \

Piezas prefabricadas hierro

  • Designs adapted to erosion areas.
  • Resists abrasion and mechanical impacts.

Description of images (in order)

  1. CIF push-out block
  2. CIF ring
  3. CIF spout

EROCRETE prefabricated floor tiles \

Many floors have problems in the areas around the furnace that are exposed to extreme conditions:

  • Shocks.
  • Heavy traffic.
  • Melted metal spills and slag.
  • Thermal variations, and so on.

EROCRETE floor tiles have been solving these problems for more than 15 years, drastically reducing the need for repair and maintenance of these areas.


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