Coreless induction furnaces or HIC are a key installation in steelworks thanks to their ability to control the temperature and chemical composition of the metal. The refractory products developed by Insertec limit the risks of thermal shock (rapid temperature rise) and protect the coils from the liquid bath.

Coreless Induction Furnace \

Coreless Induction Furnace
HIC anillo HIC piquera HIC tapón empujador Propiedades mecánicas Capa de trabajo Punto Crítico

Monolytic masses \

  • Sintering security: INSECOAT TAG
  • Silicious chargeable mass:: CUARSIL
  • Neutral chargeable mass:: INSETAG
  • Aluminous concrete: INSECAST / INSELOC
  • Gunitable material: INSEGUN
  • Plastic material: INSEPLAST

Furnace top zone improvements (Top-Tag) \

Piezas prefabricadas hierro

  1. Mechanical
    • Larger sintering layer.
    • Resistance to impacts and erosion.
  2. Solution to the expansion between working layer and the top layer
    • Same raw material in all refractories.
    • No joints between layers.
  3. Critical point
    • A solution for the joint between working layer and spout.
  4. Continuous patching
    • This material prevents continuous patching.
  5. Thermal shock
    • Specifically designed to resist the thermal shock.


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