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Climate change is already here.

It is not a distant problem to which we will have to provide a long-term solution.

It is time for action.

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Industry is one of the major contributors to the current situation, but it will also be one of the drivers of the solution.

All companies, large and small, are working to radically improve. They are striving to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve this "radical" shift to renewable energy that the world needs.

Metals themselves are conducive to the circular economy. But aluminium is not just any metal: infinitely recyclable, it is essential to many industries, from the most basic to the most cutting-edge.

It is time to take advantage of its full potential.

At Insertec, we are driving this change. We offer turnkey solutions, services and products for the production of high quality aluminium and metals through efficient and environmentally friendly processes.

Insertec Worldwide \

Insertec is carrying out a series of internal initiatives at a global level that will reinforce its commitment to a more sustainable future and a more sustainable sector.


Thermal Engineering Solutions \

Whether in the manufacture of equipment or complete plants, we maintain the firm intention of working towards the decarbonisation of these. We work in order that our actions are in line with the agreements that are taken in the EU, to gradually lead this change. These are our projects:


Etekina is a project included in the European projects of Horizon 2020 whose objective is to save energy in industrial processes.

This project is divided into three use cases:

  • The first case (our case) consists of energy saving. T6 heat treatment furnace for the aluminium industry, aiming to recover energy from the fumes of the solubilisation furnace through a heat exchanger, the project has been very successful, achieving energy savings of around 40%.
  • The second case is applied in the ceramic industry, using a heat treatment furnace, heat recovery through a heat exchanger.
  • The last case Heat treatment furnace for the Steel Industry. Heat exchanger applied to your use case. Savings of around 40%.

The Basque use case was led by FAGOR EDERLAN. In the Slovenian use case, it was led by METAL RAVNE and in the Italian use case, it was ATLAS CONCORDE, the company with which we have collaborated Brunel University.

These projects allow synergies and collaborations today and in the future.


As part of the initiatives for an efficient and green industry in the midst of the energy transition towards decarbonisation, we are working together with different companies on various projects for alternatives to fossil fuels.

In this case we would like to comment on the collaboration with H2Site for on-site hydrogen production technology as fuel gas or process gas.


Decarbonisation and the switch to hydrogen

Decarbonisation: Iberdrola and Insertec sign a collaboration agreement

With the aim of taking another step towards industrial decarbonisation, Iberdrola and Insertec have signed a collaboration agreement to develop electrification projects for industrial furnaces for melting, recycling and heat treatment for the automotive industry, among other industries. Solutions based on technologies such as the heat pump or through the consumption of green hydrogen are the two lines of work established.

Electrification + Green hydrogen = Decarbonisation

The implication of greenhouse gases (GHG) in climate change has been more than demonstrated. To curb this phenomenon, CO2 emissions must be reduced: industry must embark on a path of gradual substitution of fossil fuels.

The electrification of equipment is a clear objective in our industry. Together with Iberdrola, we are working on the development of heat pump-based solutions to achieve this.

However, we are also working in another area: green hydrogen. A universal, light and highly reactive fuel, it is generated by electrolysis, a chemical process that uses electrical current (obtained from renewable energy sources) to separate hydrogen from the oxygen in water.

This way of obtaining green hydrogen, as the IEA points out, would save the 830 million tonnes of CO2 per year that are generated when this gas is produced by fossil fuels.

Refractory Solutions \

We are focused on the recycling process of metal waste such as aluminium and refractory waste, from which we obtain raw materials for the manufacture of refractories.

Our objective:


This LIFE BAUXAL II project will allow the transformation of a secondary aluminium oxide into an alternative raw material to Bauxites in the manufacture of refractories and thus on the one hand reduce the European dependence of refractory manufacturers on this raw material and the recycling of this aluminium waste.


INSERTEC is one of the 58 companies that form part of the Basque Hydrogen Corridor consortium through its participation in the H-ACERO project: Climate neutrality of the steel industry based on new technologies and processes with intensive application of hydrogen.

The main objective of H-ACERO is the decarbonisation of the steel industry through the implementation of hydrogen as a clean fuel in partial or total substitution of natural gas.

INSERTEC's participation in the project will respond to the technological objective of developing a new generation of refractories to meet the new conditions established by the combustion of hydrogen (from the selection and characterisation of raw materials, the development of new formulations, and the optimisation of manufacturing processes and the installation of linings).


Estamos trabajando en la recuperación de los residuos refractarios generados en una acería, tanto en base alúmina como en base magnesia y utilizarlos para la fabricación de materiales refractarios.

Estos materiales se han aplicado ya en Acerias en puntos no críticos dando buen resultado. Queremos que el sector siderúrgico apoye y confie en estos proyectos con el empleo de estos materiales.

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