Holding liquid aluminium before casting requires and a good temperature and metallurgical homogeneity with the minimum energy consumption. Our equipment, specially designed to be located next to casting machine, are typically electrically heated with very low energy consumption.

Our alternatives:

  • RMAE holder, with radiant resistances on the roof.
  • IMAE holder, with horizontally submerged resistances.
  • SMAE holder, with vertically immersed resistances.

Insertec \


Design principles \

  • Monolithic refractory lining, without crucible, with excellent thermal insulation.
  • Vertical type filter, for the removal of hard inclusions and guarantee higher molten metal quality.
  • Tap out hold, for empty the furnace in case of emergency, cleaning or change of alloy.
  • Easy access to the bath by hinged or swiveling main chamber lid.
  • Charging well with submerged ceramic cone and lid, to avoid turbulences while refilling the furnace.
  • Customized ladling well, according to each robot ladle/cup size.
  • Excellent temperature accuracy with thermocouple in the ladling well.

Alternative Heating systems \

Radiant resistances on the roof (RMAE)

  • Kanthal wire resistances wound in ceramic tubes located on the main chamber cover.
  • Quick connection resistances and terminals for easy replacement from outside.

Horizontal submerged resistances (IMAE)

  • Long life ceramic immersed tubes, with internal electric resistances, located horizontally inside the bath.
  • Direct heating by conduction avoiding high temperatures of radiant roofs and potential corundum growths and related hard inclusions.
  • Temperature control of the resistances inside the tube, to avoid overheating.

Vertically submerged resistances (SMAE)

  • Its main feature compared to IMAE furnaces is that resistances can be replaced without empty the furnace.

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